Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

Rank Name Teams Teammates Total Points  
rank: 1 name: Eco Raiders teams: Team Orca Team Coral Team Panda Team Tiger Team Koala Team Cheetah Team Penguin Team Polar Bear Team Sea Turtle TEAM RE TEACHERS Team Snow Leopard teammates: 195 Total Points: 89774  
rank: 2 name: Siskiyou Climate Crew teams: The Carbon Killers Fantastic No Plastics teammates: 59 Total Points: 28832  
rank: 3 name: University of Tennessee at Knoxville teams: UTKSUST Team Freire teammates: 46 Total Points: 14032  
rank: 4 name: SUNY Brockport teams: Team OzOnE TeamWhoops ScienceKidz Drawdown Group Fuel Me Up Bro Environmental Team Noodle Weinie Dawgs Team Sustainability The Mean Green Machines teammates: 43 Total Points: 9967  
rank: 5 name: 219 GreenConnect teams: Climate Action NWI teammates: 57 Total Points: 9188  
rank: 6 name: Comox Valley teams: Comox Valley Drawdown teammates: 65 Total Points: 8767  
rank: 7 name: Climate Reality Project teams: Climate Reality Montgomery County teammates: 9 Total Points: 4857  
rank: 8 name: Metropolitan Learning Center teams: MLC 6th Grade teammates: 28 Total Points: 4505  
rank: 9 name: Capilano University teams: CapU Tour 307 albchallenge Cap U-Tour 307 capu ecochallenge 307 teammates: 16 Total Points: 4132  
rank: 10 name: Elders Climate Action teams: Elders Climate Action teammates: 14 Total Points: 4086  
rank: 11 name: Mass Audubon teams: Mass Audubon Climate Action teammates: 95 Total Points: 3878  
rank: 12 name: Lindenhurst Memorial Library teams: Lindy Library Earth Love teammates: 15 Total Points: 3558  
rank: 13 name: teams: Community Team teammates: 148 Total Points: 3399  
rank: 14 name: Elanco teams: Elanco teammates: 15 Total Points: 2977  
rank: 15 name: Mansfield Middle School teams: ChangemakersCT teammates: 28 Total Points: 2835  
rank: 16 name: Lake Oswego High School teams: Lake Oswego High School teammates: 36 Total Points: 2807  
rank: 17 name: Brockport College teams: TenTree The Red Group teammates: 8 Total Points: 2002  
rank: 18 name: Lake Oswego Sustainability Network teams: Lake Oswego Sustainability Network Faith Community Lake Oswego School District teammates: 15 Total Points: 1707  
rank: 19 name: Student Climate Coalition teams: Student Climate Coaltion teammates: 14 Total Points: 1549  
rank: 20 name: St. Mary's Academy teams: ECO SMIRLS teammates: 23 Total Points: 1528  
rank: 21 name: Brockport teams: Forgetful Turtles teammates: 4 Total Points: 1515  
rank: 22 name: Irvine Valley College - SRM 95 teams: SRM 95 Spring 2020 teammates: 22 Total Points: 1479  
rank: 23 name: Lakeridge High School teams: Lakeridge HS Green Team teammates: 19 Total Points: 1419  
rank: 24 name: Wesleyan University teams: Sustainable Wes teammates: 24 Total Points: 1388  
rank: 25 name: American University of Sharjah teams: AUS Sustainability teammates: 28 Total Points: 1343  
rank: 26 name: Saranac Lake High School and Community teams: Saranac Lake EcoTeam teammates: 25 Total Points: 1271  
rank: 27 name: HP Inc. teams: HP teammates: 4 Total Points: 879  
rank: 28 name: Project Drawdown teams: DrawdownSeattle teammates: 29 Total Points: 820  
rank: 29 name: North American Association for Environmental Education teams: NAAEE Conference Attendees teammates: 21 Total Points: 685  
rank: 30 name: New Paltz Climate Action Coalition teams: Climate Actioneers teammates: 10 Total Points: 645