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Welcome to Drawdown Ecochallenge

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Drawdown Ecochallenge is a customizable and solutions-oriented engagement program focused on reducing carbon in the atmosphere. The actions within this Ecochallenge connect to solutions highlighted in Project Drawdown's work - research that maps, measures, models, and describes solutions to global warming that already exist. Participants choose actions, complete those actions, and track and share their progress using this robust online platform. When they check off their completed actions, they earn points and see the real-time impact of their actions. The combination of collective action, camaraderie, and friendly competition makes change a little easier — and a lot more fun.

Drawdown Ecochallenge provides tools and inspiration to turn intention into action, and gives participants a fun and social way to think about and act on proven solutions to reverse global warming.

Drawdown Ecochallenge is free and open to the public. Participants can join an existing team, create a new one, or join the Community team. Team captains can set the dates and length of their team’s participation based upon their own goals, timelines, and initiatives. (We recommend participating for at least three weeks in order to turn your actions into new habits you can sustain long-term.)

Through Drawdown Ecochallenge, we are connecting the dots between our actions, our impact, and our will to create significant global change. Each time our dots are connected, we take another step forward, toward our better shared future. So here we are. Let’s begin!

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Project Drawdown is a broad coalition of researchers, scientists, graduate students, PhDs, post-docs, policy makers, business leaders, and activists who have come together to map, measure, and model the best available solutions that can cumulatively reverse global warming within the next 30 years.

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Together, we're connecting the dots

Drawdown Ecochallenge is powered by the Ecochallenge Platform.

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This Ecochallenge Platform is a signature offering of At, we believe in solutions. Through our Ecochallenge Platform and Discussion Courses, we connect you with research-backed actions and with fellow humans who want to take these actions with you. We show you how our collective behavior -- and your personal transformation -- connects with the reality of a better shared future.

Over 110,000 people from 139 countries have used our Ecochallenge Platform, and we have engaged over 325,000 people throughout our 28-year history. Our Ecochallenge Platform can also be used to create custom Ecochallenges that meet the engagement and action goals of your workplace, campus, or community.

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