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You can select up to 5 daily actions and 20 one-time actions.

Please note: Daily actions give you a chance to do an action multiple times. You don't need to complete each daily action every day, but the goal is to create new habits.

If you miss a day, don't worry — you can complete actions for any previous day. The competition does close on the last day of your team's check-in period at 11:59pm in your time zone, however, so make sure to complete your check-ins before then!


During Drawdown Ecochallenge, you choose your actions, then earn points for completing your actions, engaging your community, and sharing your story. Your points add up to demonstrate your impact, help your team win competitions, and improve your team's overall ranking for grand prizes.

Earning points during Drawdown Ecochallenge is intended to add an element of gamification to the experience of participating in a behavior change challenge. While earning points and engaging in friendly competitions are fun ways to interact with the event, the primary objective of participation is to drive positive action in your life and your community. Any attempt to abuse the point awards system to maximize the number of points earned goes against the intention of this event. We understand that seeing your point tally increase and your name move up the leaderboard is gratifying on its own but please understand that this event is about creating a sustainable world, together. Please report any suspected point related abuses to or refer to our Community Agreements to learn more about how to show up during Drawdown Ecochallenge.

Here’s how you can earn points leading up to and during the challenge:

Joining a Team 5 Welcome to the Challenge! Joining an existing team will earn you 5 points.  
Early-Bird Registration 5 The early bird gets the worm - you'll receive a 5 point bonus for being one of the first 0 people to register!  
Create Your Own Team 15 Take the lead! Team Captains receive 15 points when they create a new Team.  
Post a Profile Picture 15 Personalize your profile and share your game face with other participants! Add a profile picture to receive 15 points.  
Add a Profile Banner Image 5 Add a special touch to your profile and earn some points! Add a banner image to receive 5 points.  
Add a Mission Statement 5 Share your story! What are you passionate about? Why are you participating in the Ecochallenge? Add a mission statement to receive 5 points.  
Select Your First Action 5 It's time to get started! Browse the action categories and choose which actions you'll take to make your impact. You'll get 5 points to get you started. Then, don't forget to come back and check in once you've made progress!  
Check in on Current Day 25 Stay on track! You'll receive 25 bonus points for reporting your progress on the day you complete the action.  
Complete One Daily Action 5 Log your success and add to our collective impact! You’ll receive 5 points for every day that you tell us you completed at least one daily action.  
Complete More Than One Daily Action 5 Get rewarded for your extra effort! You’ll receive 5 points for every day that you tell us you completed more than one daily action.  
Complete EcoLearner One-Time Action 5 Check one off the list! Complete an EcoLearner one-time action and you'll earn 5 points.  
Complete EcoPro One-Time Action 10 Take a bigger step! Complete an EcoPro one-time action and you'll earn 10 points.  
Complete EcoLeader One-Time Action 15 Reach new heights! Complete an EcoLeader one-time action and you'll earn 15 points.  
Post to Your Feed 5 Celebrate your success and inspire other participants! You’ll receive 5 points for posting to your feed each day. You’re welcome to post as many times per day as you wish, but you’ll only receive 5 points per day for posting.  
Create Comment 5 Celebrate your success and inspire other participants! You’ll receive 5 points for commenting on another participant’s post once each day. You’re welcome to reply to as many posts per day as you wish, but you’ll only receive 5 points once per day.  
Answer a Reflection Question 5 Take some time to reflect on your actions and the impacts they make. You'll receive 5 points for each reflection you post to your feed.  
Recruit a New Team 10 Help us engage new people to take action! Teams are key to our success. You'll receive 10 points for inviting a new team to participate in the Challenge.  
Recruit Participants 1 Engage your friends, family, coworkers and community in the Challenge! You'll receive 1 points for every person you invite who joins an existing team.  
Recruit Teammates 1 Help your team grow to new heights, and win competitions! You'll receive 1 points for every person you invite who joins your team.  
Invite Another Team Captain to Your Team 5 Share the lead with teammates! You will receive 5 points for each additional captain who joins you. Team captain limit is 3 per team.  
Donate to 5 Share some love! As a nonprofit we rely on the generous support of individuals like you. Make a donation to the and you’ll receive 5 points for every dollar contributed up to 175 points. Thank you for your support -- we’ll put it to good use!  
Complete Actions Assessment (points per action marked) 1 Get some extra points for sharing what you're already doing to help the planet! You'll receive a 1-point bonus for every action you mark as something that you already do (e.g. brushing your teeth without running water). Of course, we value your honesty!  
Credit Someone for a Referral 1 Say thanks - and earn some points! You'll receive a 1-point bonus during registration for crediting the person who referred you to the Challenge.