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Drawdown Ecochallenge is a fun and social way to take measurable action on the top solutions to global warming.
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Connect the dots between your values and the impact of your actions with Drawdown Ecochallenge!

Drawdown Ecochallenge is offered in partnership by Ecochallenge.org and Project Drawdown. Together, we're taking action on the 100 most substantive solutions to global warming. Stretch your limits, earn points, and see your positive impact grow. Take the challenge, and see how a few weeks of action add up to a lifetime of change for you and the planet.

Ecochallenge.org's social change platform + curriculum connect a global community of advocates and changemakers, each doing what we can, in ways that are most relevant to us, to make this great spinning dot we call home a healthier, more equitable, more sustainable place.

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  • September 10 at 8:58 AM
    One of the most simple ways to reduce water consumption at home is to turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth! My outdoor garden on a timer, set to water just before the sun is up, so that the water has less chance to evaporate. One of the next ideas that I am working on is to do my dishes in a large container, so that the water can be...
  • September 10 at 8:55 AM
    I have just begun this endeavor, and am looking forward to reporting how people respond.
  • September 10 at 8:43 AM
    This past weekend posed a bit of a challenge meeting my daily objectives of reducing portion sizes and animal products. We had a business event that skewed my ability to participate. Prior to this event, the participant's login was not available to the site, which prevented me from logging in to report my activities. I hope this is not too...