April 3 - April 24, 2019

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Drawdown EcoChallenge is a fun and social way to take measurable action on the top solutions to global warming.
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Congrats to all teams on their effort and impact especially Woodstock Day School for their first place finish! For more inspiration and impact, see the Event Summary.

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Drawdown EcoChallenge is offered in partnership by EcoChallenge.org and Project Drawdown. Together we're taking action on the 100 most substantive solutions to global warming. Stretch your limits, earn points, and compete for prizes...like a video call with a Drawdown leader for the winning team! Take the challenge, and see how three weeks of action add up to a lifetime of change for you and the planet.

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  • July 3 at 9:07 AM
    Yesterday I had my first meeting on Zoom! An online meeting call that allowed screen sharing and multiple participants. I met with IT and an app coordinator to talk about the use of an app on our campus! 
  • June 27 at 5:42 AM
    This summer, I traveled by car to the north east. I had 4 reasons for my trip; visit my friends, attend the Drawdown REU program, meet my friend in NYC for wedding dress shopping, and attend the JKC Scholars weekend. Because I drove, I anticipated saving 4 flights to the same general area. Because I am irresponsible, I had to fly back to...
  • June 27 at 5:40 AM
    Though I have not been keeping a food diary log, I have been significantly more conscious of how much food I have wasted this summer. Goods; I almost never leave any food on my plate from the dining hall Any food I have wasted has been put to compost, thanks to Penn State's awesome composting system Bads; I ordered a whole plate of rice and...