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Putting Climate Solutions into Action

Drawdown Ecochallenge is a fun and social way to connect the dots between climate solutions and climate actions to help reverse climate change.
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Connect the dots between climate solutions and climate actions to help reverse climate change with Drawdown Ecochallenge!

Drawdown Ecochallenge is offered in partnership by and Project Drawdown. Together, we're taking action on the most substantive solutions to climate change. Stretch your limits, earn points, and see your positive impact grow. Take the challenge, and see how a few weeks of action add up to a lifetime of change for you and the planet.'s social change platform + curriculum connect a global community of advocates and changemakers, each doing what we can, in ways that are most relevant to us, to make this great spinning dot we call home a healthier, more equitable, more sustainable place.

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  • April 14 at 9:22 AM
    Love learning about sustainability and how my every day actions can contribute.
  • April 14 at 8:25 AM
    Today was a big day in that we went up to Boston for the afternoon. We walked through the Boston Commons, took in the Embrace statue and went through the Public Gardens and took a ride on the Swan boats, one of my favorite Boston activities. I love how forward thinking the city was in creating these two spaces and including so many walking paths!
  • April 13 at 12:21 PM
    You can express yourself many ways that dont involve fast fashion. This can include makeup, activities, creating pieces of artwork through different mediums and much more.