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    Food, Agriculture, and Land Use Cook With Sustainable Seafood
    What did you cook and how did it turn out? Can you share a recipe on the feed for others to try?

    Emily Harrison's avatar
    Emily Harrison 4/19/2024 9:05 AM
    Salmon is a fantastic option that I love to make! My go-to is baking it with a pistachio crust (Dijon mustard, crushed pistachios, minced garlic, fresh herbs) then finished with lemon juice!

  • Nancy Elliott's avatar
    Nancy Elliott 3/29/2024 4:41 PM
    I started using a sustainable/eco friendly laundry detergent called Earth Breeze as my laundry detergent almost 2 years ago instead of a big plastic jug of detergent, in order to cut down on unnecessary plastic products in my household. They work GREAT, take up significantly less space, make zero mess, and are a comparable price to regular detergent. It might sound silly but I love them so much and recommend them to anyone who will listen!

  • Emily Harrison's avatar
    Emily Harrison 3/27/2024 12:14 PM
    Can't wait for the 2024 ecochallenge to start! Here is the amazing prize from last year:) Blueland was featured on Shark Tank. They have innovative cleaning products that allow you to take a small "puck" and simply add it to water for all your cleaning needs.

    • Ashley Reilly's avatar
      Ashley Reilly 4/09/2024 1:42 PM
      I use their products in my house after last year's challenge. I love the foam hand soap!