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  • Emmanuel Valencia Santiaguillo's avatar
    Emmanuel Valencia Santiaguillo 3/24/2024 8:49 PM
    My ecochallenge is going great

  • Emmanuel Valencia Santiaguillo's avatar
    Emmanuel Valencia Santiaguillo 3/24/2024 8:48 PM
    greattt goodluck to everyone keep it up.

  • Koyuki Alpern's avatar
    Koyuki Alpern 3/23/2024 11:56 PM
    I haven't shown all the websites I saw about the truth about expiration dates on food, but below are pcitures of some that I've seen. I also started researching about this topic a week or 2 ago, since the Basic Needs Hub had a QR code about this exact issue that I was looking at.

    What I've learned is that the date isn't a final say for when this food stops being safe to eat. Unless it is baby formula, food production companies aren't required to put down when their food is guaranteed to be "bad". When it says "Use By", that means it's the recommended date consumers should eat the item. In this case, check for yourself if the food has actually spoiled or if it's still edible. When it says "Sell By", that's for the grocery store, indicating the date it should be taken out of the grocery store. Consumers should also check for themselves if it's safe to eat or not. Whenit says "Best If Used By", this is the date the product stays at it's best flavor, quality, texture, or something else. Perhaps after this date, the item won't look or taste as good, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's gone bad.

    I found these websites to be wholly fruitful and enlightening to me! I didn't know about these things, and it answers the thoughts younger me had about what stores do with food that looks and tastes perfectly fine.

    Industry Practice the 5 Rs
    What are some more "Rs" you could add to your daily practice to reduce your waste?

    Kayla Young's avatar
    Kayla Young 3/23/2024 10:01 PM
    Some things I could add to my daily practice is repurposing items. I am pretty good about reusing, reducing, and recycling as these ideas have been implemented in my head from a young age. When it comes to repurposing items I need to become creative and think outside of the box.

  • Kayla Young's avatar
    Kayla Young 3/23/2024 9:57 PM
    This challenge is going by pretty good. It makes me think before I act on something stupid. It literally is as simple as looking up what numbers of plastic you can recycle.
    Transportation Purchase a Carbon Offset
    A round-trip flight from New York City to Los Angeles emits just over 1.5 tons of CO2—per person. That’s a lot of carbon! What can you do to reduce the number of flights you take per year?

    Kaitlyn Tunick's avatar
    Kaitlyn Tunick 3/23/2024 8:54 PM
    I felt like it was important for me to make this contribution because While I had no other option, I still wanted to give back to the Earth.

  • Koyuki Alpern's avatar
    Koyuki Alpern 3/23/2024 8:22 PM
    This picture was actually taken a couple days ago, but we watched a TedTalk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, called "We Should All Be Feminists". It was 30 minutes long and posted a decade ago. I don't know how to really take picures with myself in it, so sorry about it's awkward angle. There was another person sitting on the bed out of frame.

    I was very engrossed in the video and we made some commentary while listening to Adichie speak about the negative press associated with the label "feminist" she heard while growing up, and how people use it as an insult, imply that a media piece is "too feminist" and needs change to be less so, and her sharing to the audience that feminists and feminism is not a modern-age phenomenon. She talked about how her (great?) grandmother was a feminist before the term was known to her, such as running away from an arranged marriage with a man she disliked to be with the one she loved, and speaking up for her own well being and interests. Adichie talked about how she had a friend she grew up with and loved to argue and discuss with; there was an instance where, while arguing, he called her a feminist as an insult but she didn't know what the word was at the time. She recalls other instances in her life where me and women, well meaning or maliciously, advised her and women like her to try to be less femininstic because of the negative association the term has among many people. The point of her presentation was to better represent what the legitimate definition of feminism is, its benefits, what it's for and against, and how feminism isn't a miserable woman's ideaology but a humanistic solution to many social, economic, and political porblems of today.

    I highly recommend people give it a watch! Adichie has a great sense of humor and timing, she has many profound and relatable discussions to share with her audiences, and she's given a couple other TedTalks too.

    Food, Agriculture, and Land Use Learn About Aquaculture
    What was the most interesting thing to learn about sustainable aquaculture practices?

    Michelangelo Alessio's avatar
    Michelangelo Alessio 3/23/2024 8:10 PM
    It is interesting that the kinds of crops that are grown are contributing to climate change. I all ready know beef and corn, but not soy.

  • Michelangelo Alessio's avatar
    Michelangelo Alessio 3/23/2024 8:07 PM
    I've learned how different kinds of crops and animals being grown/farmed have contributed to climate change and how much water is being used to grow these crops, such as coffee, soy, corn, beef.

  • Michelangelo Alessio's avatar
    Michelangelo Alessio 3/23/2024 8:05 PM
    I've learned how the African countries of Senegal/The Gambia have managed to turn climate change around by embracing new agricultureal practices with the help of the UN, and how Japan is struggling with their birthrates.