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January 22 - February 17, 2024

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We can limit climate change here and now!


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  • February 17 at 6:59 AM
    It's easier to notice the food that ends up getting thrown away than the smart moves I've made to avoid food spoilage. In the win department, we created a threefer pasta sauce, combining spinach and mushrooms left from a restaurant meal, the less than one serving size of TJ's red pepper pesto, the less than one serving of commercial pasta...
  • February 8 at 9:01 PM
    It's disheartening to find that I haven't used food before it goes bad!
  • February 6 at 8:02 PM
    Today I did several advocacy calls and emails to legislators, ahead of tomorrow's deadline for reporting bills out of committees.
  • February 5 at 6:59 PM
    Okay--I think MAYBE I've figured out how to do this and play some catch-up.
  • February 4 at 2:47 PM
    Since joining the team, I haven't had time to post anything because of a very intensive period of legislative advocacy involving about 40 hours in the last two weeks. I'd love to get team points for all this, but I find that none of the selected "Action" modules deals with advocacy.
  • January 30 at 8:43 PM
    Yesterday and today I spent about 8 hours doing legislative advocacy for 350 Massachusetts
  • January 30 at 5:24 AM
    We have a friend in FCB who looks at climate change and sees it as an issue of population control through voluntary birth control. Her solution. is to donate to Planned Parenthood.
  • January 26 at 6:24 AM
    I appreciate the reminders and encouragement to act. Thank you, ecochallenge!
  • January 26 at 6:22 AM
    I would rather use the money I spend on food that I throw out on land conservation. This reminds me right now that I need to go and finish preparing the food that I have before it spoils!
  • January 25 at 6:17 PM
    This is not a daily habit to develop but yesterday I and a friend went grocery shopping together. We took the most efficient of our two vehicles and enjoyed the conversation going to and fro. We'll do it again when my friend wants to shop at this particular grocery store and I hope it will become a monthly event for us.

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