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    Hugh Robinson 4/04/2024 6:46 AM
    Signed up for an energy efficiency audit of my home.

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    Hugh Robinson 3/29/2024 12:42 PM
    In the category of Buildings, I have scheduled a home energy audit.

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    Hugh Robinson 3/28/2024 12:28 PM
    I have belonged to Kiva for many years. Kiva is the world's first online lending platform. For as little as $25 you can lend to an entrepreneur around the world, primarily in 3rd world economies or challenged urban areas. I have had my microloans reliably paid back and then I can re-loan the money again. I focus on Latin America. Loans are often given to small farmers and women owned businesses.

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    Hugh Robinson 3/25/2024 3:52 PM
    Read a fascinating article about how drones and GPS are being used by indigenous people in Ecuador to save the Amazon from illegal gold mining that is destroying their land and resources.
    Maps have long been used by colonizers to dispossess native peoples. However the GPS and drones are allowing the inhabitants of this territory to create their own maps documenting their sovereignty over their lands and bringing their case before the Ecuadorian government.

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      Hugh Robinson 3/28/2024 10:13 AM
      The article is at:

      I found following the activity: SUPPORT INDIGENOUS PEOPLES' LAND MANAGEMENT

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      Maria Rodriguez 3/26/2024 9:25 AM
      Hugh, would you share the article. I would love to read it! Thanks