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April 2 - June 27, 2021

UU DD 2021 2U

UU DD 2021

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    meatless or vegan meals
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    being mindful
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    spent outdoors
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    more servings
    of fruits and vegetables

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  • April 10 at 10:45 AM
    As though I were coming out of hibernation, Drawdown's eco-challenge has coaxed me to look up and around again. making my donation to organizations that support educating girls and family planning through empowering equitable choices for all. Subscribing to solutions journalism also allowed my breath to relax, my lungs to fill. I somehow don't...
  • April 3 at 7:26 AM
    I switched to solid shampoo and conditioner a while ago, but was having difficulty figuring out how to store them without them getting soggy. Recently I found these scrubby bags, which let the bars dry between uses and allows me to use bits that are too small to hold otherwise! Very happy with this solution. I found these bags on...
  • April 1 at 6:21 AM
    Having the information on my phone will make this easier, but it would be nice to have a list of brands to avoid for canned fish products since it isn't always clear where and how canned fish is caught.

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