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  • Ricardo Palazuelos 7/21/2020 9:33 AM
    while I am making the necessary efforts to continue, I spend less time online here. 
  • Reflection Question
    Industry Find a Local Climate-Friendly Supermarket
    How close is the nearest climate-friendly supermarket to your home? How could you encourage local supermarket to reduce or phase out their use of HFC refrigerants?

    Ricardo Palazuelos 7/21/2020 9:32 AM
    According to the map and EPA, it is over 17 miles away; however, my local Kroger (Fred Meyer) has been upgrading their store and now has but >3 open refrigerated areas (self-serve deli & cheese area). Making strides toward energy conservation.
  • Reflection Question
    Industry Properly Dispose of Refrigerants
    How do you address your own feelings of concern, fear or despair about climate change?

    Ricardo Palazuelos 7/21/2020 9:28 AM
    Not 4me, my children and theirs is what really concerns me due to the inability of governments to focus beyond profitability of their actions, rather on value delivered to their residents. 
  • Reflection Question
    Industry Research the Climate Impact of Refrigerants
    What did you learn about the climate impact of refrigerants? How do supermarkets contribute to this impact?

    Ricardo Palazuelos 7/21/2020 9:24 AM
    Upgrades like closed frdg
  • Reflection Question
    Did you learn anything with this challenge action that changes your perspective on recycling? What about plastics specifically?

    Ricardo Palazuelos 5/19/2020 9:29 AM
    arrow doesn't mean recycl

  • Ricardo Palazuelos 5/15/2020 8:32 AM
    buy less, fully use-zeroW
  • Reflection Question
    Food Learn the Truth About Expiration Dates
    How does knowing the difference between use by, sell by, and best by dates empower you to make better decisions?

    Ricardo Palazuelos 5/15/2020 8:29 AM
    buy'em 2 avoid storewaste

  • Ricardo Palazuelos 5/14/2020 11:39 AM
    Got barrels 4 rain hrvstn

  • Ricardo Palazuelos 5/13/2020 9:02 AM
    electric mower/renewableE

  • Ricardo Palazuelos 5/06/2020 8:39 AM
    I have to replant natives