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  • Tsubone Daisuke's avatar
    Tsubone Daisuke 6/18/2020 8:44 PM
    Thank you this opportunities!

  • Ramandeep Singh Saini's avatar
    Ramandeep Singh Saini 6/12/2020 9:13 AM
    Everything can be changed if humans changed their way of living life and by not taking everything for granted. Every new desire for luxury lead to the requirement of need unsustainable product. 
  • Reflection Question
    Food Learn the Truth About Expiration Dates
    How does knowing the difference between use by, sell by, and best by dates empower you to make better decisions?

    Napin Pongmanavuth's avatar
    Napin Pongmanavuth 6/12/2020 5:37 AM
    I could determine what and when to buy ingredients.
  • Reflection Question
    Transport Stay on the Ground
    What was your process like for restructuring your trip? How can you avoid more air travel in the future?

    Renaud PEN's avatar
    Renaud PEN 6/10/2020 9:48 PM
    Preparing the meeting first and assess what step will be necessary and any other alternative. For my case, I decided to cancel the trip when I learned that the person I had to meet would come to Taiwan one month later. We used virtual meetings instead to go through the project and kickstart  until we meet in Taiwan to clarify the details.
  • Reflection Question
    Transport Conduct Virtual Meetings
    How can you ensure that your virtual meetings honor your values and your company's culture?

    Renaud PEN's avatar
    Renaud PEN 6/10/2020 9:45 PM
    By offering this alternative we can advocate for climate change while proposing solutions. It should not suppress totally physical meeting which are good but I believe that they will be more efficient if the biggest part of the project has been already done during virtual meeting.

  • Reflection Question
    Transport Research and Consider Switching to a Hybrid or Electric Vehicle
    Reducing (or eliminating) exhaust emissions and improving public health are two benefits of green vehicles. What other motivators inspire you to consider switching to a more fuel-efficient vehicle?

    Renaud PEN's avatar
    Renaud PEN 6/10/2020 9:37 PM
    It could be as simple as economic choice as in some countries the gasoline is very expensive. We can see that the motivation in the vehicle choices varies a lot depending on the price to the gasoline in the county.
    I believe also this is a usage definition. EV are practical in cities but not so much for long distance driving or in remote areas. However there might be alternative by using green fuel for the combustion engines.
  • Reflection Question
    Materials Properly Dispose of Refrigerants
    How do you address your own feelings of concern, fear or despair about climate change?

    Renaud PEN's avatar
    Renaud PEN 6/10/2020 9:33 PM
    There is a need to balance responsibility to climate change with our comfort and habits. 
    I still have hope that by finding innovative solutions and getting inspiration from the past we can find eco friendly solution to provide us comfort. An example is to reduce AC usage and using Canadian well to refresh the air when the temperature can be a bit warmer (kitchen, toilet, bathroom...). 
    I read about new experiences made in order to improve the climate change and believe in ideation that will combine one day some ideas together to have a sustainable solution.
  • Reflection Question
    Materials Research Cement Alternatives
    Concrete is a good example of a material that most of us encounter every day, but its carbon footprint may not be obvious. What other everyday materials might have a large carbon footprint? How can you find out more?

    Renaud PEN's avatar
    Renaud PEN 6/10/2020 9:26 PM
    Everything we use has a consequent carbon footprint. Phone, food, car...
    In construction, glass has a large carbon footprint as well due to the manufacturing process. In parallel to the material we can also bring the focus on construction methods as the actual ones generates important amounts of waste. Using natural material like wood and stone can help improving the carbon footprint.
  • Reflection Question
    Materials Install A Toilet Tank Bank
    How can your region/household prepare for changing water situations in order to become more resilient?

    Renaud PEN's avatar
    Renaud PEN 6/10/2020 9:19 PM
    Recycling water using close circuit. For instance when cleaning food, the water can be reused to water the plant. Having a separate circuit to reuse the rain water for toilet and laundry can help. 
    limit our consumption by installing low flow on shower and avoiding water leaks.
  • Reflection Question
    Materials Learn About & Practice Sustainable Fashion
    How can you express your personality, creativity, and values in ways that don't require fast fashion or buying more clothes and accessories?

    Renaud PEN's avatar
    Renaud PEN 6/10/2020 9:16 PM
    We decided with my wife to make some of our own clothes. By recycling the fabric from the clothes we don’t want to wear anymore we can, while giving it a second life, adjust the design in a creative way.