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September 9, 2020 - June 30, 2021


Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter Middle School (BUGS)

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  • January 13 at 5:58 AM
    I think that Levi chose to end his book with the story of carbon because he said we were all made out of carbon and we are all Stardust, which shows that he thinks we are all alike, not matter who we choose to discriminate.
  • January 6 at 6:19 AM
    I think I could reduce how much laundry my family does in the summer so that we could air dry clothes instead of putting them in the laundry. 
  • January 6 at 6:03 AM
     I will facetime or walk to people instead of driving/flying to them. I will also try to encourage my family and friends to lower their carbon footprint. 
  • January 6 at 5:57 AM
    I can reduce my travel annually, choosing to connect with loved ones using technology instead of traveling on planes. I can opt for public transportation and bike riding instead of using my vehicle. I can reduce my consumption of meat and dairy.
  • January 6 at 5:48 AM
    I would rather offset my Carbon Footprint. I would offset it because not only is it helping the environment, but it's helping the others around me as well. I think that that is a big deal if you look at the long run of humanity.
  • December 16 at 6:08 AM
    I would want to save this because water is a natural resource that humans need to survive, but is also really beautiful. 

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