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  • Joe Mathieu's avatar
    Joe Mathieu 3/31/2021 10:29 AM
    This has been a fun event and helped to bring daily awareness to environmental issues; helping to solidify habits with repetition.
  • Reflection Question
    Food, Agriculture, and Land Use Mulch the Base of Trees and Plants
    Name some of the human activities impacting the health of water systems, both locally (your watershed) and globally (freshwater and oceans). What can you do to improve the health of water systems?

    Joe Mathieu's avatar
    Joe Mathieu 3/31/2021 10:28 AM
    Allowing lawn fertilizer to run off into street storm drains is the biggest observable impact on my local watershed.  Being in Florida, this in turn flows out to sea impacting ocean waters as well.  Improvement will come from education and informing neighbors about where those street drains lead to ultimately.
  • Reflection Question
    Electricity Calculate the carbon footprint of my household
    After you determined your carbon footprint, did you see what different choices you can make in order to reduce it?

    Joe Mathieu's avatar
    Joe Mathieu 3/31/2021 10:25 AM
    Yes, bundling and scheduling errands to make the most efficient use of driving.
  • Reflection Question
    Electricity Choose LED Bulbs
    Changing lightbulbs is an excellent first step toward energy efficiency! What's next for you?

    Joe Mathieu's avatar
    Joe Mathieu 3/31/2021 10:23 AM
    Continuing down the path of light bulb conversion as existing ones burn out.  Also, use of more timers so nighttime lighting doesn't stay on whilst almost everyone is sleeping.
  • Reflection Question
    Land Sinks Learn More about Silvopasture
    Had you heard of the term "silvopasture" before now? After learning more about it, what do you think is the biggest advantage of silvopasture?

    Joe Mathieu's avatar
    Joe Mathieu 3/26/2021 8:24 AM
    I hadn't heard of silvopasture before this exercise, but it is a concept that seems very old and forgotten until recently.  Only very rarely in the distant past did humans clear-cut areas, seems only logical that the shade provided would only help the grazers and overall ecology.
  • Reflection Question
    Food, Agriculture, and Land Use Composting
    Producing food that goes uneaten squanders many resources—seeds, water, energy, land, fertilizer, hours of labor, financial capital. Which of these kinds of waste most motivates you to change your behavior regarding food waste? Why?

    Joe Mathieu's avatar
    Joe Mathieu 3/26/2021 6:10 AM
    Although each of the listed resources plays a roll in the need to reduce food waste, for me, the greatest reason is opportunity loss.  When throwing away food that could have gone to a food bank or other place to help fulfill a basic need, an opportunity has been squandered.
  • Reflection Question
    Food, Agriculture, and Land Use Support Local Food Systems
    Dependable fresh food, supporting local farmers and building resilient communities are just a few benefits of local food systems. Which of these (or other) advantages inspire you the most?

    Joe Mathieu's avatar
    Joe Mathieu 3/26/2021 5:57 AM
    My wife just reminded me that we've been eating vegetables from the "farm box" we bought at the farm of a local group - they pivoted from mainly supplying restaurants to selling boxes directly to people during COVID (when most restaurants were closed or at minimal capacity).  They still sell boxes directly, but only on certain weekend days now.  Quality was incredible. 
  • Reflection Question
    Action Track: Healing & Renewal Eat Mindfully
    Mindful eating is healthier for us than eating with distractions. How does your eating experience differ when practicing mindfulness?

    Joe Mathieu's avatar
    Joe Mathieu 3/26/2021 5:52 AM
    Eating without electronic distractions gives a moment to pause and reflect.  Sometimes about work, more often about a broader topic of interest.  It is like a mini-reset that allows me to re-imagine the possible solutions to items I'm working on.
  • Reflection Question
    Coastal, Ocean, and Engineered Sinks Smart Seafood Choices
    Many states and countries have advisories on eating fish. Find out what is advised for your region. Do you think your diet choices fall within these guidelines? What steps do you need to take to make sure that they do?

    Louise Hart's avatar
    Louise Hart 3/25/2021 2:36 PM
    I eat a mostly vegetarian diet - when I do eat fish, I try to buy 'wild caught' varieties. If this is not available, I will opt out and stick with a veggie dish!
  • Reflection Question
    Industry Practice the 5 R's
    What are some more "R's" you could add to your daily practice to reduce your waste?

    Joe Mathieu's avatar
    Joe Mathieu 3/25/2021 8:24 AM
    There are quite a few additional R's I use, just about daily:

    Repair - First try to repair something before replacement.

    Rot - I compost all kitchen scrap plant matter and egg shells, been doing this for years.

    Recover - I use the composted matter for soil when planting adding those rich nutrients back into the ecosystem.