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    peter friedland 12/02/2019 2:12 PM
    Navigating Project DD
    pf dft 12/2/19

    The book is Challenging to the point of daunting just as a book in terms of understanding both the scope and depth it presents....

    ....But if one is intending to use the book as a point of departure into applying it as Action  locally, as I am, it doesn't seem exactly User Friendly?

    However,  what is emerging from my encounters with the book as I've ended up approaching it over the past 3 weeks, is that the book is intended to be a doorway into a process, (Maybe even multiple processes?) not just reading a book, even while 'just' reading a book is for sure itself A Process.....?

    A major difficulty/challenge is that it's not immediately clear from any of the 100 'Solutions' for the multiple problems posed by  Climate Change how to  take this information and use it to Act, to implement these Solutions Real Time in The Real World?

    But it's gradually become clear PDd is not just this book, but a set of Processes involving a number of people and entities already in progress using the book's contents to conceptualize and then to whatever extent already happening, implement those Solutions, or at least explore doing that?

    So identifying 

    who and where those people and entities are and              
    how to connect with them
    how to go about identifying which of these Solutions and related people and entities are could/should be drawn on to explore shaping local application/implementation is what this narrative is all about.

    So it might be something like 'Implementing/Bringing PDdn Home, a Climate Action Handbook'.

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    peter friedland 12/02/2019 8:12 AM
    Hello to whoever might eventually read this, being written 12/2/19. Despite Doubts about this venue, decided to do a test/pilot of my thought to create a narrative about trying to implement Drawdown locally==including of course connecting with others around that same 'Challenge'--which indeed it seems to be! If someone does get this including Support for this site, would love to hear thoughts/experiences on this. Stay tuned!