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Eat Mindfully

I will eat all of my meals without distractions, e.g., phone, computer, TV, or newspaper.



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    Ryan Shum 1/25/2022 1:33 PM
    Just like everyone else that has been posting, I’ve also decided to eat mindfully without any distractions. Initially, I was afraid that I was gonna stop in the middle of eating mindfully and turn on the TV. This is because ever since I was a kid, I was so used to having the TV while I ate. Essentially, the only time I would eat mindfully would be when I go out to restaurants. However, It turned out not as bad as I expected it to be. I found it calming and therapeutic in a sense, because I was able to be in the moment, and focus more on the food that I was eating compared to when I had the TV on. Also, some benefits that I saw from eating mindfully, is that it essentially saves electricity in which I turn on the TV and leave it on when I am done eating. Now that I tried it once, I am definitely going to do it more often. 

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    Ryan Shum 1/13/2022 1:11 PM
    Hi everyone! So I’ve been using reusable grocery bags for groceries for about a couple years now and it's been super helpful. Essentially, any bags that I come across while shopping I tend to keep them so that I can use them later on. However, if I come across any plastic bags, I save them to be recycled. My thought process on doing this was so that it reduces litter (especially to our oceans) and hazards to wildlife.

     Plastic bags are non-biodegradable so it would be in the environment for years with little breakdown activity and accumulate deadly waste. For someone who aspired to be a marine biologist, this is still an important issue to me. Furthermore, I use biodegradable trash bags for my apartment so that it can get broken down easily into harmless material. But back to the subject of reusable grocery bags, I found it very useful so that you wouldn’t just end up with a large supply of plastic bags that either end up disposed of or accumulated in your household. In addition, if it were disposed of then it would just be put into our landfill and oceans, all while exposing our environment to toxic substances. 

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      SAMEERA PANT 1/14/2022 2:19 PM
      Hi Ryan! I agree with you 100% on the usage of plastic bag alternatives and why this change is important. I definitely need to start looking for biodegradable trash bag options since I'm pretty sure what my roommates and I use isn't environmentally friendly. Do you have a particular brand you recommend?

      I've also built a solid collection of canvas and cotton totes for shopping - I'm lowkey obsessed with them - but your post also reminded me of this New York Times article on how these bags can also lead to unnecessary wastage and aren't as ecofriendly as they seem. Definitely worth a read.

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    Ryan Shum 1/06/2022 3:09 PM
    Hey Everyone! My name is Ryan Shum and I'm looking forward to writing with you guys this quarter!