April 3 - April 24, 2019

Tessa Rothwell

Red Hook Central School District

"Our generation will have to live with the consequences of our inaction later on in our lives...so let's act now and help change the world, one positive action at a time :)"

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Recycle Everything I Can

#55 Household Recycling

I will recycle all materials that are accepted by local haulers or drop stations in my community.


Women and Girls

Learn about the Need for Family Planning

#7 Family Planning

I will spend at least 15 minutes learning more about the need for family planning globally.

One-Time Challenge

Land Use

Research Peatlands

#13 Peatlands

I will spend 30 minutes researching the environmental benefits of peatlands and what is being done around the world to conserve and restore them.


Electricity Generation

Explore Other Electricity Generation Solutions

All Electricity Generation Solutions

I will spend at least 30 minutes researching other Drawdown Electricity Generation Solutions.

One-Time Challenge


Learn the Truth About Expiration Dates

#3 Reduced Food Waste

I will spend at least 30 minutes learning how to differentiate between sell by, use by, and best by dates.

One-Time Challenge

Women and Girls

Connect With A Nonprofit

#6 Educating Girls, #7 Family Planning, #62 Women Smallholders

I will connect with a local nonprofit working on womens' or girls' issues in my community, and find out how I can get involved or become a member.

One-Time Challenge


Reduce Animal Products

#4 Plant-Rich Diet

I will enjoy 1 meatless or vegan meal(s) each day of the challenge.


Electricity Generation

Watch a Video about Methane Digesters

#30 Methane Digesters (large), #64 Methane Digesters (small)

I will watch a video about methane digesters (also commonly known as anaerobic digesters).

One-Time Challenge

Women and Girls

Research Barriers to Participation and Representation

#6 Educating Girls, #7 Family Planning, #62 Women Smallholders

I will spend at least 60 minutes learning more about the barriers to women's equal participation and representation around the world.

One-Time Challenge

Buildings and Cities

Plan to Insulate

#31 Insulation

I will find out how to make my home more energy efficient through better insulation and weatherization.

One-Time Challenge


  • Tessa Rothwell 4/24/2019 6:46 PM
    Last post of Drawdown 2019!  When I was in seventh grade, I became involved with Girls' Inc. of Ulster and Dutchess Counties.  For the challenge, "Connect with a Local Non-Profit," I was interested in becoming connected with the organization as a whole, so I signed up for their newsletter.  :)   
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  • Tessa Rothwell 4/24/2019 2:58 PM
    This is an inspirational TED talk that I watched which goes along with Women and Girls: Research Barriers to Participation and Representation...

  • Reflection Question
    Women and Girls Research Barriers to Participation and Representation
    What are some of the barriers that exist to women's equal participation and/or representation in your community?

    Tessa Rothwell 4/24/2019 2:17 PM
    It seems that in my community, we are somewhat progressive in that there are a lot of local businesses owned by women.  Personally, I have never been barred from participating in anything so far in my community just for being a girl.  I enjoyed when, a couple years ago, some girls auditioned for "Mr. Red Hook," breaking that barrier.  It's also great to see women involved in STEM...at the high school, there are girls on the robotics team, for example.  I haven't really seen any barriers.  On a global scale, we are very lucky.  I made two friends this past summer at the Girl's Leadership Worldwide conference through the Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-Kill.  These two girls were from Pakistan, and they were interested in speaking out against arranged marriages in their communities.  It horrified me, and really put things into perspective.  It's a small world, so it should be communities like ours that are helping these communities in need.  :)  

  • Tessa Rothwell 4/24/2019 1:31 PM
    It's the last day of Drawdown!  What will you be doing to continue this upward trend of environmentally conscious actions?  I am excited for what comes next.  I will be explaining the Drawdown food initiatives to senior citizens at the Red Hook Community Center's Senior Expo Ascienzo Family Foundation exhibit this Saturday!  I will also continue recycling and being that I don't like steak, I definitely think I'll be eating a lot of meat-free meals!  In college and in life, I will become an advocate for women and girls...in college, I will be studying international relations, social justice, and women's studies.  Here's to a safe, happy, and healthy future!  (By the way, this is probably not my last post :)  
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  • Tessa Rothwell 4/22/2019 5:58 PM
    For weatherization, this past fall, I helped the Red Hook Senior Services Committee with helping seniors to fill out applications to help protect their homes.  It's nice to know that these services are available and promoted in our community.  :)
  • Reflection Question
    Buildings and Cities Plan to Insulate
    What are some of the benefits of making your home more energy efficient?

    Tessa Rothwell 4/22/2019 5:55 PM
    Insulating a house reduces 8.27 gigatons of CO2, and heat exchange can be reduced, "closing the gap on unwanted heat gain or loss..."  Also, according to the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (energy.gov), by weatherizing your homes, you automatically reduce your energy bills.  Weatherization crews also test stoves and furnaces for carbon monoxide, further protecting homes.  Interestingly enough, after receiving weatherization services, residents with asthma have also reported fewer problems.

  • Tessa Rothwell 4/22/2019 5:37 PM
    Take five minutes of your day and look up the Extinction Rebellion if you haven't heard of it already.  Based in London, it's an ongoing nonviolent protest promoting climate change awareness through three goals:
    1. Tell the Truth
    2. Act Now
    3. Beyond Politics

  • Reflection Question
    Electricity Generation Explore Other Electricity Generation Solutions
    What is the most exciting solution you explored? Why is it exciting to you?

    Tessa Rothwell 4/22/2019 5:14 PM
    The most exciting solution explored was the world's greenest island: Samso, Denmark, where Soren Hermansen has helped his island become energy independent.  Samso's next goal is to be fossil fuel free by the year 2030.  This is so exciting to me because I feel that if it can be done on a small island, we can do it here in the US if we all come together and try hard.  "'I would say [energy independence] can be done everywhere, but if it was easy to make this process [work], it would have already been done,' says Michael Kristensen, energy adviser and project manager at the Samsø Energy Academy..." in a quote in the article that I read.  Projects such as Drawdown can help start this initiative, making it easier to bring about change!

  • Tessa Rothwell 4/22/2019 4:30 PM
    Check out the Earth Day Google Doodle!  There's some info about some species that I did not know existed :)
  • Reflection Question
    Materials Recycle Everything I Can
    How could you incorporate other "R's" -- reduce, reuse, refuse, repair, repurpose, etc. -- into your lifestyle? How does considering implementing these "R's" make you feel?

    Tessa Rothwell 4/21/2019 11:18 AM
    We have 2 recycling bins at our house: one for cardboard/paper and one for plastics/aluminum foil.  My dad visits the recycling center once a week.  We also participate in the Clink Hannaford program, which is a simple way to recycle bottles.  I can incorporate other R's into my lifestyle...I have started using reusable water bottles, for example.  Sometimes it's the little things that make the largest impacts.