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Lila Rosa

ERUUF 2021

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Lila's Actions

Coastal, Ocean, and Engineered Sinks

Learn about Biochar

Biochar Production

I will spend 60 minute(s) learning about biochar and how it can help sequester carbon.

One-Time Action

Land Sinks

Explore My Area

Sometimes protecting nature requires feeling connected to nature. I will invest 60 minutes in exploring and appreciating a natural area in my region, whether a forest, wetland, coastal area, or somewhere else.

One-Time Action

Land Sinks

Learn More about Silvopasture


I will spend at least 60 minutes watching videos and/or reading about the environmental benefits of silvopasture.

One-Time Action


Replace Manual Thermostats

Smart Thermostats

I will replace manual thermostats with smart ones.

One-Time Action


Listen to the Planet Money Podcast – “Sell Me Your Climate Bombs”

Planet Money recently interviewed the co-founders of Tradewater to learn about the dangerous impact that old refrigerants have on our environment. I will listen to the podcast to learn more about this necessary solution in fighting a climate crisis.

One-Time Action

Action Track: Building Resilience

Learn About Drawdown Solutions

I will watch the introductory video on Drawdown Solutions with Dr. Elizabeth Bagley of Project Drawdown. This excellent presentation provides a primer on how Drawdown solutions reverse greenhouse gas emissions and shares stories of congregations and groups putting solutions into action.

One-Time Action


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