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    SAMEERA PANT 1/11/2022 3:55 PM
    Two of my goals for this quarter (hopefully ones I can continue the rest of the year too) are to eat less meat/integrate more fruits and vegetables in my diet and also to run/walk outside at least twice a week, if not more. This is largely so I diversify the amount of nutrients I consume - I struggled a lot when it came to living on my own - and stay active despite the sedentary lifestyle online learning inevitably leads to. 

    I did get a pretty bad cold towards the end of last week so I only managed one longer ~4 mile run last Tuesday and a quick 2 miles on Sunday but it was super nice to be outside, away from a screen, and explore the paths around Westwood. I started running around the area last year and the habit has made me learn my way about the neighborhood. In fact, I now often leave my house with no "path" in mind and just see where the roads take me! It's a fun exercise I'm probably going to continue wherever I move to next. 

    When it comes to eating more fruits and vegetables, I've realized that when I eat in, I tend to eat more green rather than when I order a meal. I've also been feeling lighter and less sluggish, which I've heard is a perk of eating cleaner. Hopefully the energy continues as the quarter progresses and classwork picks up!

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      SAMEERA PANT 1/14/2022 2:12 PM
      Hi @Elisa! I'm don't know how to directly respond to your message so I'll just follow-up via a reply to my original post.

      I do agree entirely with what your father says - I think I enjoy running up and down the Westwood hills because pushing my body in that manner makes me feel accomplished than I would in a gym. Running on a treadmill, while fun, is less satisfying to me because I don't feel like I'm completing a path/route, just clocking the machine's metrics.

      However, I also agree with you with running outside being harder than working out in the gym. I'm lazy about this, which isn't good (!!), but stretching and rest days are definitely key. Also, I try to listen to my body and taking it easy/even walking in between sprints can make my muscles hurt less the next day. Incorporating this short yoga + stretch post workout was also a gamechanger because it made the practice more mindful. 

      I definitely like the campus loop because it makes me feel connected to UCLA even when we're not in person. I also run smaller loops around Kelton and Landfair, this is more hilly, and a flatter one down Kelton and Veteran. I recommend starting from your apartment/a specific point and just exploring paths/loops until you find a terrain which works with your preferences!

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      Elisa Bass 1/13/2022 11:42 AM
      That’s so great to hear that you’re running outside more! I am also trying to run outside more instead of running on a treadmill like I have in the past. 

      There are a couple of things that have previously made me hesitant to run outside. The ground tends to be harder on my body than the slight give of the treadmill. I sometimes feel like I’m breathing in a lot of exhaust because of the cars driving by. However, there are benefits as well that I hope to gain from the experience. Especially with the high transmissibility of this COVID strain, I would prefer to breathe air outside rather than the circulated air in a gym. Though there are a lot of hills in the area that I run in around my house, I think that the variable landscape provides a more strenuous and more interesting workout than I could get indoors. Additionally, my dad, who is a doctor, says that feeling as though you’ve done something in your workouts more important for your health than checking your heart rate or any of those statistics. Running up a hill or seeing nice scenery on your workout are great ways to feel as though you’ve done something and become more motivated to work out outside again.

      I would love to hear more about whether you or anyone else has encountered any of these problems or different ones yourself and/or how you’ve addressed them.  Also, could you recommend some of the Westwood paths you typically run on or areas you run through?

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    SAMEERA PANT 1/06/2022 3:12 PM
    Hi everyone! Excited to take what we learn this quarter and become more mindful of everything I consume, from nutrition to media.