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Action Track: Social Justice

Advocate for Forest Protection

#38 Forest Protection

I will contact 3 congress people or representatives to advocate for public policy that protects forests and the enforcement of existing anti-logging laws.

One-Time Challenge


Use Muscle Power

#49 Cars

I will cut my car trip mileage by only taking necessary trips, and I will only use muscle-powered transportation for all other trips.



  • Reflection Question
    Action Track: Social Justice Advocate for Forest Protection
    Higher standards of living are very often dependent on moving our environmental costs elsewhere. What are some specific ways in which the environmental impacts of your own lifestyle might be shifted elsewhere?

    Eric Nilsson 10/09/2019 11:08 AM
    For awhile now, I've been shopping for clothes at second hand stores.  The rampant consumption of our society, while for a long time, a definition of higher standard, really quite the opposite.  And the purchase of inexpensive new clothes is only supporting sweatshops and slave labor in other countries.  This is also why I am focusing on local purchasing, especially when it comes to fresh foods. There are so many benefits to this - less transportation impacts, less packaging, less waste.  My only regret?  That I didn't come to this kind of mindfulness much sooner.
  • Reflection Question
    Transport Use Muscle Power
    How do your transportation choices affect your engagement in your community? Does your experience or enjoyment differ while walking, riding transit, biking or driving?

    Eric Nilsson 10/09/2019 11:03 AM
    Mostly, I ride my bike and have increased the number of errands I do on the bike.  I have two roomy baskets to help carry stuff.   It slows me down, and I can see more of the detail of this wonderful town I live in.  It provides my body with a gentle workout.  It is, simply, a more human pace.