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Properly Dispose of Refrigerants

Refrigerant Management

I will spend at least 30 minutes learning how to properly dispose of my refrigerator, freezer, and other refrigerants at the end of their useful lives.

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Reduce Animal Products

Plant-Rich Diets

I will enjoy 1 meatless or vegan meal(s) each day of the challenge.



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    Gwendolyn Hunnicutt 4/16/2020 8:57 AM
    Over time it has been easier to eat vegan and meatless meals. One of the reasons is because I am just use to eating less meat and animal products. The second reason is that I am not tempted by fast food with meat because I am not out much.

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    Gwendolyn Hunnicutt 4/14/2020 9:15 AM
    Now that I am back home for the semester it is easier to control what I eat for my meals because I either have an input on what to buy at the grocery store or I am able to cook my own meals. However one thing that I have noticed is that meatless meals and vegan meals require more fresh food and produce. Fresh food does not last long which means that I have to go grocery shopping more frequently. This is somewhat of an issue because I want to decrease my grocery trips to limit my exposure to grocery stores due to the virus. Therefore, it is sometimes a struggle to eat fresh and healthy. 
  • Reflection Question
    Materials Properly Dispose of Refrigerants
    How do you address your own feelings of concern, fear or despair about climate change?

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    Gwendolyn Hunnicutt 4/14/2020 9:10 AM
    I try to be very aware of my own efforts and actions because in the end that is what I am responsible for. I can try to persuade and encourage my friends, family, and others to practice environmentally friendly habits, but I am not responsible for their actions. It can be disheartening, exhausting, and depressing to take on the burden and responsibilities of climate change alone. Therefore, I think it is important to share your beliefs, thoughts, and concerns but to not take it on alone.  Addressing climate change with your friends, family, and other individuals can be daunting, but it is a lot easier to raise concerns with a supportive community or a few friends that will back you up. Having a supportive community that understands my concerns about climate change and the environment is very motivational and is comforting reminder that I am not in this alone. 

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    Gwendolyn Hunnicutt 4/13/2020 10:50 AM
    Under the Clean Air Act, the EPA has set out guidelines on how to properly dispose of refrigerants. First, identify refrigeration/AC equipment within building. As a side note it is illegal to vent refrigerants. Second, recover refrigerant using EPA certified equipment. The EPA has approved two institutes to certify recycling and recovery equipment. They are the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration
    Institute (AHRI) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL). The final options include sending the refrigerant to an EPA-certified reclaimer, sending the refrigerant to a permitted destruction facility, or you can safely store the refrigerant. 

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    Gwendolyn Hunnicutt 4/13/2020 10:39 AM
    At UT it was kind of a struggle to eat meatless meals because there were a limited amount of meatless options. As a freshman, I mainly ate at dinning halls or the POD market. I normally tried my best to eat healthy when eating a meatless meal, but it was difficult and did not taste good. 
  • Reflection Question
    Food Reduce Animal Products
    Why do people in richer countries eat more meat than people in other places? How does eating more meat affect our bodies, our planet, and other people?

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    Gwendolyn Hunnicutt 4/03/2020 10:17 AM
    People in richer countries eat more meat than people in other places because they have access to more food resources and over consume the resources they have access to. In the United States, meat is a large part of our culture and diet so people in the US eat more meat because they have access to it and are used meat being part of their diet. Meat is a source of protein, however we over consume on protein. Additionally, there are other sources of protein that can sustain us just as efficiently as meat and will have a less damaging effect on the planet. Eating a more plant-based or vegetarian diet will also help to combat climate change. The biggest thing an individual can do to combat climate change is to buy and eat more plant-based meals. This will reduce overall green-house gas emissions because less cows will be needed on earth, less fuel is needed to transport food, and plants will sequester carbon.