April 4 - April 25, 2018

Julie Hoffman

Comerica Bank

"I am one , but if we all help as much as we can , it all makes a difference."

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Reduce Animal Products

#4 Plant-Rich Diet

I will enjoy 1 meatless or vegan meal(s) each day of the challenge.


Buildings and Cities

Plan to Insulate

#31 Insulation

I will find out how to make my home more energy efficient through better insulation and weatherization.

One-Time Challenge

Buildings and Cities

Replace Manual Thermostats

#57 Smart Thermostats

I will replace manual thermostats with smart ones.

One-Time Challenge

Buildings and Cities

Choose LED Bulbs

#33 LED Lighting (Household)

I will replace 5 incandescent lightbulb(s) with Energy Star-certified LED bulbs, saving up to $14 per fixture per year.

One-Time Challenge



#60 Composting, #3 Reduced Food Waste

I will start a compost bin where I live.

One-Time Challenge


Support Nutrient Management

#65 Nutrient Management

I will buy from organic and local farmers who have made the decision to not use synthetic nitrogen fertilizers.



Smaller Portions

#3 Reduced Food Waste

I will use smaller plates and/or serve smaller portions when dishing out food.



  • Reflection Question
    Food Reduce Animal Products
    What do you think contributes to people in North America eating more meat than other countries, and what does this say about North American values and ways of living? How do we start shifting a meat-focused food culture?

    Julie Hoffman 4/25/2018 12:32 PM
    This  a very good question , I do believe that if more people focused on local produce , it might help .
    But changing the country and the amount they consume is a very long and thought out process.
  • Reflection Question
    Food Smaller Portions
    Fun fact: Your brain and stomach register feelings of fullness after about 20 minutes of eating. While dishing food out, we tend to load our plates with more than we need. Using smaller plates helps to mitigate this. Aside from the environmental benefits, what other benefits might come out of this?

    Julie Hoffman 4/25/2018 7:53 AM
    Eating better , smaller amounts are better to keep our weight level and maybe our brains and stomach will give us that feeling of fullness without the over full feeling of a larger amount on a large plate.

  • Julie Hoffman 4/25/2018 7:50 AM
    I have learned a lot in this challenge , it has been very enlightening !
  • Reflection Question
    Buildings and Cities Replace Manual Thermostats
    How do you anticipate replacing your thermostats for smart ones will positively impact your life?

    Julie Hoffman 4/24/2018 5:32 AM
    I am hoping the new thermostat will conserve gas which will help all and my monthly bill.

  • Julie Hoffman 4/23/2018 12:43 PM
    Picking up a new thermostat on my way home , really hope it makes a big difference going forward.
  • Reflection Question
    Food composting
    Producing uneaten food squanders many resources—seeds, water, energy, land, fertilizer, hours of labor, financial capital. Which of these motivates you the most to change your behavior regarding food waste?

    Julie Hoffman 4/23/2018 12:42 PM
    Do you think a family should take turns taking additions to the compost pile each day ?

    I think everyone should take part . just sayin

  • Julie Hoffman 4/23/2018 11:00 AM
    Compost container put in place this weekend , let the composting begin !
  • Reflection Question
    Food Support Nutrient Management
    How does environmental quality influence your sense of community?

    Julie Hoffman 4/19/2018 12:02 PM
    Bought my organic fertilizer last night , just need to know why something with less things added costs more.
    But I feel good about my choice!
  • Reflection Question
    Buildings and Cities Choose LED Bulbs
    Changing lightbulbs is an excellent first step toward energy efficiency! What's next?

    Julie Hoffman 4/17/2018 11:47 AM
    Timers on lights and electrical appliances for when you are not home instead of leaving lights on day and night.
  • Reflection Question
    Buildings and Cities Plan to Insulate
    How can you make your home more energy efficient?

    Julie Hoffman 4/17/2018 11:43 AM
    Insulated my garage that is attached to my home , replaced old weather stripping with new on outside doors.