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Action Track: Justice for the Whole Community

Voting Rights

After you listen to the StoryCorp episode about voting rights, reflect on what it means to vote. Check in with the adults in your life-are they planning on voting? Why or why not?

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Action Track: Justice for the Whole Community

Native Land and Practices Acknowledgement

Native Land Acknowledgement means to learn about, talk about, and show respect for the Native inhabitants of an area of land. We do this for many reasons: to correct history, protect and preserve the culture and identity of native peoples, acknowledge the role of European colonization in the loss of native lives and lands. For this activity, read about the Lenape. The tribe indigenous to Brooklyn, Queens , and Manhattan. Who are they, what was NYC like before colonization? How can we honor the Lenape today? (links below)

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Health and Education

Sir David Attenborough: The Voice of Planet Earth Speaks on Climate Change

After you watch the video with your advisory, answer the reflection question below. For additional points, respond to a teammate's post!

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Food, Agriculture, and Land Use

Climate Change and Wildfires: How is climate change affecting you? Our hometown? And what can we do now?

First, the article about the CA wildfires and climate change. Climate Change In Your Hometown The featured article discusses the connection between climate change and California wildfires. Another Times article, from 2018, lets you track how the number of days when temperatures hit 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius) or higher changes in your hometown over your lifetime. As you look at the graph created based on your hometown and the year you were born, what do you notice? (If you want, try entering the birth year of your parents or grandparents as well.) Then, scroll to see the climate predictions for your hometown when you are 80 years old. Continue to scroll to learn more about these predictions, and then see how your hometown compares to other parts of the country and the world using the interactive globe.

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Health and Education

Become a certified Climate Ambassador!

The Climate Museum in NYC is working with local teens to form a Climate Volunteer Coalition! The first step is to educate yourself on the main talking points around climate change. Next, share your knowledge! To help you do this, the Climate Museum has produced a pocket-sized "Climate Ambassador" card. Read the instructions, print the card, cut/fold, and start talking to the people! If you don't have a printer--make your own! https://climatemuseum.org/ambassador **With parent permission** You can also sign up on the Climate Museum website for more info. You can even post a reflection that the Museum will publish on their website for all to see!

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Action Track: Justice for the Whole Community

Sustainable BUGS

The goal of this action to create a more sustainable school experience for our students and staff :)

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Coastal, Ocean, and Engineered Sinks

For the love of nature

Post a photo of something from nature that you love and want to protect.


Action Track: Social Justice


I used my creativity and self expression to write a song about the current times. OR I researched and shared a song about the current times.

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  • Ava Goldshteyn 10/02/2020 10:30 AM
    hello hoe ar yall doing  

  • Ava Goldshteyn 9/30/2020 6:24 AM
    hello how is everyone    

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    I have completed my task 

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    i like this its fun to do this

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    hello how is everyone doing
  • Reflection Question
    Action Track: Justice for the Whole Community Sustainable BUGS
    What is one action you want to see happen this year to help sustain the BUGS community? It can be something that sustains the people in our community or the environment. *remember: to "sustain" means to keep going. In this case how to we keep going this year in a healthy and happy way?

    Ava Goldshteyn 9/23/2020 5:53 AM
    i want us to go back to school so that we can help our garden and social
  • Reflection Question
    Action Track: Social Justice Songwriting
    What are the lyrics?

    Ava Goldshteyn 9/23/2020 5:52 AM
    some of the lyrics are 
    if your lost ill be there
    ill be your shinning star 

  • Reflection Question
    Coastal, Ocean, and Engineered Sinks For the love of nature
    Describe your photo and why you chose it!

    Ava Goldshteyn 9/23/2020 5:51 AM
    this is what i wanna protect