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ECO UU Open Team

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Mulch the Base of Trees and Plants

Farm Irrigation Efficiency

I will prevent water runoff and increase absorbency by mulching the base of trees and plants in my yard.

One-Time Action


Learn the Truth About Expiration Dates

Reduced Food Waste

I will spend at least 5 minutes learning how to differentiate between sell by, use by, and best by dates.

One-Time Action


Keep Track of Wasted Food

Reduced Food Waste

I will keep a daily log of food I throw away during Drawdown Ecochallenge, either because it went bad before I ate it, I put too much on my plate, or it was scraps from food preparation.



  • Christine Farnum 4/29/2020 5:28 AM
    I picked up Chinese food on my bike yesterday (instead of getting it delivered by car), supporting a local restaurant that's doing curbside pickup.
  • Reflection Question
    Food Keep Track of Wasted Food
    An average American throws out about 240 lbs of food per year. The average family of four spends $1,500 a year on food that they throw out. Where would you rather use this money?

    Christine Farnum 4/26/2020 7:24 PM
    Using smaller plates and focusing on eating leftovers within 3 days helps us avoid wasting food. We compost fruit/vegetable scraps in a simple wire-framed container in the back yard.