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Action Track: Justice for the Whole Community

Watch & Learn: Environmental and Social Justice

Climate change and other systems such as racism, sexism, colonialism, ableism, and our political and economic structures in our world are intimately connected. I will watch at least 2 of the videos/podcast episodes to learn about environmental/climate justice.

One-Time Action

Health and Education

Wellness & Environmental Justice on Screen

Watch 2 or more talks, documentaries, films about how wellness and environmental justice go hand in hand. Short films in "Learn More". Suggested longer films available via streaming services: -Game Changers (2019) -Happy (2011) -Minimalist (2016) -No Impact Man (2009) -Sustainable (2016) -Forks Over Knives (2011) -Wasted! The Story of Food Waste (2017) -Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead (2010)

One-Time Action

Health and Education

Yoga for a Better World

Join the Wellness Team for Virtual Yoga. Join live during the weekly yoga session or practice on your own using the recorded sessions.



Lights Out/ Turn it Off

Reduce energy use by doing simple actions such as turning the lights off when you are the last to leave a room, using smart power strips, and turning off small appliances around your desk when not in use. At Home or a NW Natural Location we encourage you to: -Turn the lights off when you leave a room. Don't forget those little desk lamps! -Turn off TVs when no one is watching -Close bay doors if the heat or A/C is on -Alert SEEC and or facilities if you are notice light sensors not working properly



Less We Can

Peruse our external Less We Can site at Learn about all of the ways NW Natural is trying to reduce our carbon foot print. For those who do not interact with customers on a regular basis, this is also a great opportunity to see how we communicate our goals to an outside audience.

One-Time Action


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