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Women and Girls

Research Barriers to Participation and Representation

Health and Education

I will spend at least 60 minutes learning more about the barriers to women's equal participation and representation around the world.

One-Time Action

Electricity Generation

Spread the Word about Energy Alternatives

All Electricity Solutions

I will research and tell 10 people each day about the benefits of alternative energy sources like wind turbines, solar energy, geothermal energy, and methane digesters.


Electricity Generation

Communicate With My Elected Officials

Onshore Wind Turbines, Offshore Wind Turbines

I will write or call 5 elected official(s) telling them not to support fossil fuel subsidies and instead support wind energy generation.

One-Time Action


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    diane dorfer 4/08/2020 2:35 PM
    my daughter invited me to join, looking forward to working on challenges with her  while school is closed