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Action Track: Justice for the Whole Community

Make School More Affordable

Health and Education

I will raise funds to help make school affordable for girls around the world.

One-Time Action


Use Muscle Power

Multiple Transportation Solutions

I will cut my car trip mileage by only taking necessary trips, and I will only use muscle-powered transportation for all other trips.



  • Reflection Question
    Action Track: Justice for the Whole Community Make School More Affordable
    Why is it important that girls have equal access to education in order to reduce our global greenhouse gas emissions?

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    Sophie Carter 4/30/2020 7:03 AM
    Girls having equal access to education globally will reduce greenhouse emissions by increasing knowledge and access to reproductive healthcare (less pregnancies = less overpopulation = less emissions), increased awareness in girls that school leads to upward mobility (and having money allows you to be more in control of your choices that affect the environment), and creating stewards of food, soil, trees, and water in girls from an early age (girls tend to play bigger roles in the stewardship of environmental relations). 

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    Sophie Carter 4/30/2020 6:40 AM
    My one-time challenge was a fundraiser for the Malala Fund, an organization that invests in girls' education. For this challenge, I went through the Malala Fund official website and set up a fundraiser page specific to me and my goals for the fundraiser. Once I got the copy of the link to my fundraiser page, I posted it to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Reddit. I asked family members and close friends to share the link or re-post on their accounts if they felt inclined to help (most did). In a caption on the post I made about it on each platform, I gave a quick briefing as to why I was doing this fundraiser and its importance to the environment. I believe this challenge was less successful than I was originally hoping for, but simultaneously successful nonetheless because money was raised after all. The amount of money raised was simply less than I anticipated it to be, but considering my followers/friends are primarily college students and we are amidst a pandemic, I am still happy with any turnout. The link for the page is here: 
  • Reflection Question
    Transport Use Muscle Power
    How do your transportation choices affect your engagement in your community? Does your experience or enjoyment differ while walking, riding transit, biking or driving?

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    Sophie Carter 4/30/2020 6:29 AM
    Frankly, I feel more engaged in my community if I'm biking. Biking or walking enables you to go places with the convenience of not having to worry where you'll park your bike. Bike racks are nearly everywhere, but parking a car can often times be a hassle. Furthermore, I am friends with a significant amount of people who also bike and going places together on bikes is very fun (in my opinion). Furthermore, I've timed myself biking somewhere versus driving to the same place and the times come out almost even. 

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    Sophie Carter 4/30/2020 6:26 AM
    Of recent, I have been biking as a mean of exercise as well as for transportation efforts. My bike is getting some good weathering in at least.

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    Sophie Carter 4/30/2020 6:22 AM
    I find that much like running, biking tends to put my mind at ease or at rest and I am more able to collect my thoughts. Biking seems more intentional, a higher pleasure if you will, and I am more mindful while biking than if I was just driving.

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    Sophie Carter 4/30/2020 6:20 AM
    Especially with the warm weather starting to peep out, I've really begun to enjoy riding a bike places rather than taking my car. I feel more connected to the changes in weather and my environment if every day I have a reason to be outside and in the open over being inside all the time.