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Install A Toilet Tank Bank

Low-Flow Fixtures

I will reduce the amount of water flushed and save up to 11 gallons (41 L) of water a day or 330 gallons (1,230 L) a month by installing a toilet tank bank.

One-Time Action


Recycle Everything I Can


Contamination prevents what is recyclable from being recycled. I will research and recycle all materials that are accepted by local haulers or drop stations in my community, making sure to not contaminate recyclables with non-recyclables.


Land Use

Forest-Friendly Foods 2

Tropical Forest Restoration

I will replace or remove the palm oil, coffee, and cocoa products in my current diet that are known to contribute to deforestation.



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    Aidan Baird 5/01/2020 8:07 PM
  • Reflection Question
    Materials Install A Toilet Tank Bank
    How can your region/household prepare for changing water situations in order to become more resilient?

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    Aidan Baird 5/01/2020 8:05 PM
    In East Tennessee, climate change will cause winters to become more wet, with larger precipitation events, and in the summers it will become drier.  To adapt to increasing precipitation in the winter, it will require creative architecture decisions, both on a large, city or regional, scale, and on the small scale, individual dwellings or neighborhoods, through things like making sure to have stabilizing groundcover and good stormwater management.  In the summers, it will mean learning to adapt and to use less water.

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    Aidan Baird 4/13/2020 12:36 PM
    I originally planned on making a sign to help encourage my roommates to recycle properly as well, as our biggest problem isn't that we weren't recycling, but that often things we thought were recyclable in fact wasn't, or wasn't accepted in curbside recycling.  In the end I ended up just making different labeled boxes instead of a sign.  We tried a compost bin for a little bit, but that idea got abandoned for the time being, since it started to smell before we could find a place to get rid of it.  

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    Aidan Baird 4/13/2020 12:30 PM
    I wasn't the best about logging my days on the computer, so I initially was just logging on paper the days I did my challenges.  I didn't realize that you could only retroactively check in for only 4 days. 
    This challenge definitely had lasting impact in how I buy food and what I eat.  I had never realized how many things contain palm oil until very recently.  One aspect that made it very difficult was the fact that as someone who is vegetarian, there is so much palm oil in so many substitute goods, especially substitute butter products.  It was hard to finish up, especially as quarantine rolled in, I often found myself craving junk food as I was sitting around, which often contains palm oil or cocoa.  Giving up coffee wasn't too hard for me, as I already didn't drink that much coffee anyways.