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Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

Rank Name Teams Teammates Total Points  
Rank: 32 Name: Climate Reality Project Teams: Climate Reality Montgomery County teammates: 9 Total Points: 4857  
Rank: 33 Name: Holliston High School Teams: HHS - Climate Campaign 1 HHS - Climate Campaign 2 teammates: 15 Total Points: 4832  
Rank: 34 Name: Metropolitan Learning Center Teams: MLC 6th Grade teammates: 28 Total Points: 4625  
Rank: 35 Name: Elders Climate Action Teams: Elders Climate Action teammates: 14 Total Points: 4438  
Rank: 36 Name: Student Conservation Association Teams: SCA Bronx teammates: 14 Total Points: 4390  
Rank: 37 Name: The International School of Kuala Lumpur Teams: Recycle Bin ISKL PRAXIS 69 PRAXIS 2030 - TEACHERS Khai, Pedro, Maya, Pulkit ISKL PRAXIS 69 :) teammates: 15 Total Points: 4152  
Rank: 38 Name: Elanco Teams: Elanco teammates: 15 Total Points: 4137  
Rank: 39 Name: ECOS Teams: Athens Honeydews Lacey Lavenders Addison Orange Blossoms Cypress Magnolias & Lilies Parsippany Parsleys teammates: 29 Total Points: 4014  
Rank: 40 Name: Audubon Alaska Teams: Audubon Alaska teammates: 12 Total Points: 3332  
Rank: 41 Name: Concordia University Teams: CU for Change teammates: 65 Total Points: 3209  
Rank: 42 Name: Saranac Lake High School and Community Teams: Saranac Lake EcoTeam teammates: 32 Total Points: 3062  
Rank: 43 Name: NC Museum of Natural Sciences Teams: NCMNS-Ecochallenge Teen Climate Ambassadors- Whiteville Whiteville Teen Climate Ambassadors teammates: 29 Total Points: 2843  
Rank: 44 Name: HGA Teams: HGA The Greats Green Means Go GreenBeings Resolutions Team Granola MPLS HGA Test Teen Girl Squad teammates: 20 Total Points: 2817  
Rank: 45 Name: Lake Oswego High School Teams: Lake Oswego High School teammates: 36 Total Points: 2812  
Rank: 46 Name: SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry Teams: ESF SustainabiliTEAM teammates: 17 Total Points: 2663  
Rank: 47 Name: Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Alabama Teams: Alabama Episcopalians teammates: 5 Total Points: 2429  
Rank: 48 Name: RVActive Teams: RVActive teammates: 16 Total Points: 2230  
Rank: 49 Name: Faith Communities Go Green Teams: FCGG Cincy Test teammates: 14 Total Points: 2126  
Rank: 50 Name: California State University Monterey Bay Teams: CSUMB Service Learners teammates: 66 Total Points: 2066  
Rank: 51 Name: Franklin College Teams: FC Grizzlies teammates: 22 Total Points: 2026  
Rank: 52 Name: Brockport College Teams: TenTree The Red Group teammates: 8 Total Points: 2002  
Rank: 53 Name: HP Inc. Teams: HP teammates: 5 Total Points: 1894  
Rank: 54 Name: University of Florida Teams: FMNP 1 teammates: 7 Total Points: 1805  
Rank: 55 Name: Lake Oswego Sustainability Network Teams: Lake Oswego Sustainability Network Faith Community Lake Oswego School District teammates: 15 Total Points: 1707  
Rank: 56 Name: work, friends and families Teams: The Transformers teammates: 17 Total Points: 1703  
Rank: 57 Name: American University of Sharjah Teams: AUS Sustainability teammates: 33 Total Points: 1660  
Rank: 58 Name: Plymouth Congregational Church Teams: Plymouth Congregational Church teammates: 18 Total Points: 1637  
Rank: 59 Name: Ransom Everglades School Teams: Chipmunks Cool Kids Cool Kidz Crazy club Ill be back fsdhgsydkfasgfas teammates: 2 Total Points: 1597  
Rank: 60 Name: Morristown Unitarian Fellowship Teams: Morristown Unitarian Fellowship teammates: 16 Total Points: 1596  
Rank: 61 Name: Mission Bay High School Teams: Team Blue <3 lorax teammates: 7 Total Points: 1582